JOS China is a subsidiary company of Jardine OneSolution (JOS), one of Asia's leading providers of integrated IT services and solutions. JOS has been a force in the IT industry for more than 50 years and today its customers include the best-known multinational and regional companies operating across Asia from industry sectors such as Financial Services, Trade and Commerce, Transportation and Logistics, Utilities and Telecommunications as well as Government. Today JOS employs more than 2,000 staff in eight offices in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia, representing one of the largest IT workforces in the region.Jardine OneSolution is part of the Jardine Matheson Group, an Asian-based conglomerate with a broad portfolio of market-leading businesses and an extensive experience in the region with more than 170 years of track record. Jardine Matheson's revenue for 2003 was USD 8,452 million. Since it started its operations in 1994, JOS China has been dedicated to providing multinational corporations with IT products, services and solutions that require professionalism and quality service to enhance their operation efficiency and competitiveness in the industry. JOS China has established extensive regional network in major cities and regions including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Macau.To build a powerful and skillful workforce, we are looking for high caliber individuals with different experience and expertise to join our team. JOS China will offer you an exciting opportunity to realize your potential along a rewarding career.If you have a passion to take on challenges and to win, we would like to hear from you. You can learn more about JOS at and learn more about the Jardine Matheson group at competitive remuneration package will be offered to successful candidates.

怡和科技(中国)是怡和科技全资子公司。怡和科技是亚洲领先的资讯整合服务与解决方案供应商。怡和科技发展五十余年,我们的客户包括知名的跨国企 业和亚洲企业,行业涉及金融、贸易、交通和运输、能源和电讯以及政府部门。怡和科技拥有亚洲最大的资讯队伍之一,员工人数达两千余人,分布于香港、中国大 陆、新加坡和马来西亚等地。怡和科技是怡和集团旗下公司。怡和集团总部在亚洲,经营一系列市场引导的业务,已具一百七十余年的悠久历史。怡和集团去年的销 售额达八十四亿五千两百万美元。怡和科技(中国)成立于一九九四年,专注于为跨国公司提供资讯产品、服务和解决方案,通过专业精神和高质量服务,帮助这些 公司提高运作效率和在行业中的竞争力。怡和科技(中国)已在中国主要城市北京、上海、广州、深圳和澳门建立了广泛的地区网络。为了建立一支技术力量雄厚的 员工队伍,我们希望带着不同经验和专业知识的高素质人才加入我们的团队。怡和科技(中国)将为您提供施展才华的空间和激动人心的职业发展机会。如果您热爱 挑战,具有强烈的事业心,请与我们联系。您可以通过网站 进一步了解怡和科技,通过网站 进一步了解怡和集团。我们将为成功的应征者提供优厚的薪资待遇。

公司地址: 上海市中山南路268号新源广场1号楼7楼
英文地址: 7/F Buliding1, Resource Plaza, 268 Zhongshan Road South Shanghai
邮政编码: 200010
联系人员: 人力资源部
联系电话: (021)63326622

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