In Danfoss a job is something that evolves - and gives you a chance to develop. You decide in which direction. And you develop a range of competencies. This results in job satisfaction. And every opportunity to go far.

丹佛斯  是丹麦最大的跨国工业制造公司之一,创立于1933年。丹佛斯以推广应用先进的制造技术,并关注节能环保而闻名于世,是制冷和空调控制,供热和水控制,以 及传动控制等领域处于世界领先地位的产品制造商和服务供应商。丹佛斯已经在4大洲的100多个国家设有国际子公司及代理商网络,在全球拥有70间质量管理 控制严格的工厂,每天生产250,000件高品质产品,有超过23,600位受过良好教育的员工向全球提供产品行销和服务。对用户承诺节能,舒适,安全和 环保,是丹佛斯公司在行业内处于领先地位的坚实基础。

丹佛斯对中国的经济可持续发展有着长期的承诺。作为在欧洲成长起来的全球领先者,我们非常自豪地将中国作为我们的第二家乡市场。我们遵守当地的所有法律法 规,依法纳税,积极赞助各种社会公益活动。公司为员工提供专业的职业发展路线和个人成长机会,包括每年派遣员工远赴丹麦进行培训。

丹佛斯中国在北京、上海、天津、广州、沈阳、青岛、成都和西安等12个城市设有销售办事处,在天津、杭州、鞍山等5个城市建有生产工厂。丹佛斯中国现有员 工2600多人,在不久的将来这个数字将随着丹佛斯业务在中国市场的发展而迅速增长。我们期待有志之士的加入,与丹佛斯中国一同快速成长。

Danfoss Introduction
Danfoss, founded in 1933, is one of the largest industrial companies in Denmark and a leading manufacturer in Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Heating and Water Controls and Motion Controls. Danfoss is famous for promoting applications of advanced technology and concerns about energy saving and environmental protection.

Danfoss has 70 modern factories worldwide, and has established branches and distributor network across 100 countries in 4 continents. 250,000 quality products are produced from Danfoss each day, and over 23,600 well-educated employees are engaged in providing sales and services to our customers globally. Danfoss' promise of energy efficiency, comfort, safety and environmental friendliness has laid a solid basis for our leading position within the industry.

Danfoss has long-term commitment to China's continuous development. As a global company growing up in Europe, we're now proud to make China our second home market. Danfoss China abides by the local law and regulation, is a good tax payer and is active in various social activities. Danfoss provides professional career plan and personal development opportunities to our employees, including overseas training.

Today, Danfoss China employs over 2600 people in China with sales offices in 12 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Qingdao, Chengdu and Xi'an, etc., we also have 5 factories respectively in Tianjin, Hangzhou and Anshan etc. In the near future the employee number is expected to increase rapidly with the fast growth of Danfoss business in the Chinese market. We welcome more competent candidates to join us and grow with the fast growing company.

For further information please consult Danfoss China website